The Good Fortune Jewelry Story…

                   Live Your Dream at Good Fortune Jewelry & Pawn

The sign above Good Fortune’s door reads, “Live your dream.”   These words greet visitors entering the store and also inspire Good Fortune business owners, Roger and Maddie Weinreich.

The couple opened the store more than 28 years ago after moving from Boston to raise their two sons, Adam and Max in New Hampshire.  Roger had been working as a Professional Firefighter, Musician and Sculptor. He was excited about moving his family to the Monadnock Region.   Maddie left her corporate career behind and  went on to establish herself internationally as a Business Relationship Systems Coach.

From Good Fortune’s humble beginnings as the area’s first consignment store, the business has become one of the leading pre-owned jewelry consignment stores in the nation. The Pawn Shop, which operates in association with Good Fortune, provides cash loans for families and individuals living in the tri-state region.

“In the early days, we sold furniture, housewares and almost anything that people brought in,” said Roger. “At one point, people began bringing us their contemporary fine jewelry to sell.”

Even though Good Fortune sold antique and estate jewelry at this time, it was not yet fashionable in 1995 to buy or sell modern used jewelry.

“Our team decided that we were up for the challenge”, shared Roger, “so we rolled up our sleeves and became pioneers in the business of contemporary pre-owned jewelry.” Since then, pre-owned jewelry has become increasingly popular due to the tremendous financial savings and variety it affords.

While the store provided financial sustenance for their young family, Roger and Maddie understood that the business was a unique financial machine. By the time the company had expanded into the jewelry consignment store model, it had already paid out more than twelve million dollars to consignors. “Circulating money within our community has been very important for Good Fortune,” says Roger. “We consider ourselves to be very local, since most of the jewelry and products we sell belong to local residents”.

Specializing in high quality pre-owned jewelry, the store also showcases new designer brands such as Uno de 50 Jewelry from Spain and Royal Jewelry from New York City.

“If you are considering selling jewelry, Good Fortune is happy to perform a free market value appraisal of your item,” explains store Gemologist Richard Ehlenbach. Good Fortune’s team of jewelers offers a full service jewelry repair department, including ring sizing, appraisals, watch batteries and custom design work.

“Each day is an adventure here,” says long time Good Fortune Jeweler Deborah Faucher. “We maintain a high level of positivity”, she says, “and although we are very excited by the variety of exquisite jewelry that we see, it is really the wonderful people from around the world and within our neighborhood that we enjoy meeting!”

Beyond the dozens of jewelry cases that populate the front half of Good Fortune, customers can walk further into the store and meet the Pawnbrokers. “This is the part of our company that grew in direct response to customer requests,” says Roger.

The story goes like this: Back in 1993, one of Good Fortune’s regular customers was a pro musician. He would occasionally use one of his vintage guitars as collateral and borrow money from a Massachusetts pawnshop. He explained that he would rather borrow locally and suggested that Good Fortune consider becoming a pawnshop. It all made sense, so the Weinreich’s built a loan counter inside the store and became licensed as one of the first pawnshops in the state.

To finance this new venture, the Weinreich’s created a community loan fund, which was one of the first local crowd source funding projects. Roger met several people in town who had used pawnshops in their younger days and knew the value of this lending service. “They were happy to partner with us”, said Roger, “and help provide short term loans for our customers.”

Today, the Pawn Shop provides personal cash loans from $50 to $15,000 dollars to assist families with a variety of financial needs. The company also buys and sells quality used merchandise including gold and silver coins, laptops, cell phones, musical instruments, firearms and tools.   If you have a question about the value of any item, just stop by, and the Pawnbrokers will gladly share their knowledge with you.

Good Fortune Jewelry & Pawn will continue to grow into the future as it seeks new ways to serve our community.  Roger and Maddie, and their entire team, are delighted to be part of the Good Fortune Dream!














Good Fortune Jewelry and The Pawn Shop of Keene merge!



In celebration of Good Fortune Jewelry and The Pawn Shop of Keene’s new business consolidation, the companies are hosting a holiday party for our customers on Wednesday evening, December 14th from 5 to 8pm. There will be fun and games, plus refreshments and more at the store.

Good Fortune Jewelry and The Pawn Shop of Keene recently completed a merger and now share the same space at 110 Main Street.   Almost 25 years ago both businesses began under the same roof and have now returned to their original location.   In this photo, veteran Good Fortune Team Members Karen Smith and Deborah Faucher design one of the store’s many jewelry displays.

“Before the move, our customers had been asking us to consider putting a connecting doorway between both stores,” said owner Roger Weinreich.   “After some deliberation, “ he continued, “we decided that our staff and customers would have much more fun if we were all together in one place”.

“The jewelry consignment and pawn shop model has always worked well for us,” said Weinreich, “and now buying and selling pre-owned merchandise has become fashionable.”   Thanks to the Pawn Star reality TV show, Pawn Shops have become increasingly popular. In addition, buying and selling Pre-owned Jewelry is beginning to trend throughout the country.

Plan to come meet the Gem Team at Good Fortune Jewelry.  They will be happy to share exciting facts about your jewelry. You can also chat with the Pawn Team and learn more about what goes on behind the scenes.  They have been around longer than the Pawn Stars of Las Vegas and have some great stories to tell.

Good Fortune Jewelry & Pawn is located at 110 Main Street in beautiful Downtown Keene, just across the street from the Colonial Theatre.   For more information call 357-7500 or email



Modern Bling


“What is Today’s Youth Looking For in Their Jewelry…?”

As each year passes, our world becomes increasingly defined by the millennial generation.  The year 2016 marks the first time that millennials have begun to outnumber the famed baby boomers of post World War II America.  For the jewelry industry this begs the question, “How do we cater to the desires of this continuously growing customer base?” Jewelry has been a staple in human history since the dawn of mankind and shows no sign of stopping with this upcoming wave of youth.  This requires the industry to grow and adapt in order to fill the needs and match the tendencies of their new clientele. Jewelers everywhere must ask themselves, what is it that the children of the 90’s and 2000’s strive for when selecting their “bling” and how must we market our products to appeal to them.  This is a far more difficult question to answer than one might believe.  Nonetheless, it is a question that requires answering!

Molly Byrne wearing her Good Fortune Jewelry!
Molly Byrne wearing her Good Fortune Jewelry!

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of millennials do not care about how much an item or piece of jewelry costs in dollar value, but rather how priceless the experience and emotions surrounding that object are worth.  For example, you are unlikely to find a teenager or a person in their twenties spending thousands of dollars on an ornate necklace or ring. However, they will be more than willing to spend the same amount on a vacation or road trip that they can constantly post about on Instagram or Facebook.  If social media tells us anything it is that personality and sense of self are of great importance to this generation. This is not to say that they do not appreciate high end brand names.  In fact, most will agree that owning the best brands is very important to them.  The value in marketing is to represent the jewelry as something that is defined by the person who is wearing it.  The “you” should be wearing the brand, and not the other way around.  High quality may still be desirable, but the concern is more about what the brand stands for rather than the actual technical attributes.

Renting jewelry has become increasingly popular with millennials.  They seek items to wear for certain occasions and once that event has passed they no longer have a need for it.  Historically in the past, a quality ring or necklace would be kept for life, to be passed down to future generations. This has led to greater interest in the resale value of purchased jewelry. In today’s world, a typical college student can become bored with a video that takes up more than thirty seconds of their time.  In the same manner, this principle holds true with the millennials choice of luxury items.  They grow bored quickly and are in constant need to have the next “in” thing. This ever changing focus must be factored in when marketing jewelry to this generation.  Millennials don’t want to commit long term to to their apparel and they require flexibility above all else.

Authenticity and transparency are also key factors when it comes to purchasing jewelry.  In the past, these qualities were presented at the brick-and-mortar level, via face to face interactions within the store. While this is still of great importance to the younger generation, new technology has led to the world of online sales, which now requires a different approach in order to display desired brand qualities. Immersive websites that offer detailed pictures and product information can aid in creating appeal.  Technology is comforting, so having the option to buy jewelry in-house or online can only help business.  This is especially true in an industry that can sometimes be considered old fashioned.

Millennials can be fickle consumers, especially when it comes to the jewelry industry.  They require individualism, uniqueness, and above all else proper branding when purchasing their bling.  Their purchases are less about the product itself and more about the story that the jewelry tells about the person who is wearing it.  Even the technological method of the business transaction has an impact on what they choose to purchase and wear.  When all of these unique components are factored in, then it can become much easier to understand what the millennial generation is looking for in their jewelry.  

At Good Fortune Jewelry, we have our eyes and ears wide open. Millennials hold the key to the future and their jewelry choices are just one way that we can get to know them.  Most of all, it is important for us to realize that Millennials are creating the trends in society that will increasingly impact the world we all live in.

Life As An Intern at GFJ


Life As An Intern

-Our Insight on Internships-

Written by Cecily Macari and Kelsey Jackson,  Juniors at Keene State College

Studying Communication and working as Interns at Good Fortune Jewelry



As we climb the ladder towards graduation we are constantly hearing from our professors, advisors, and parents; “You need to start thinking about internships.” The word internship brings to mind everything that a college student does not want to grasp: the culture shock, the commitment, the feeling of “growing up”, and the stereotypes…

Some of these internship stereotypes conjure up the fear of being the “coffee run interns,” who become experts at balancing a tray of large french vanilla double shot coffees. There are also the “unpaid internships” that make college students cringe. I mean, who wants to work for FREE?! Then, we have the students who become just “the intern” and perform the menial tasks that no one else has the time to do. These students are lucky if they are actually called by their real name, instead of “intern”. And then, of course there is us!

Here is “Us”: Keene State College students Cecily Macari and Kelsey Jackson. We like to classify ourselves as “us” because we have been fortunate enough to find our balance. We have had experiences as the coffee runner, the unpaid position and “the intern”. Consequently, we feel as though we have a good grasp on how to develop an effective “give-and-take” relationship within the work place.

give-and-take, noun,\?giv-?n-?t?k\ : a usually good-natured exchange (as of ideas or comments)

So, you might ask, “What do you mean by developing a give-and-take relationship?”  As interns, we have realized that our values and ideas are as important as those of other individuals in our work environment. This is why we feel it is so crucial to build relationships in the work place that allow and encourage the intern to share their innovative ideas, while also developing new skills.  Here is an insight on how we developed our unique “give-and-take” relationship at Good Fortune Jewelry:

1.) We meet regularly with our supervisor! To ensure that we stay in the loop, we sit down at the end of a shift and discuss what we have accomplished and what we would like to do in the future.

2.) We ask questions! For example, when we cannot determine what kind of diamond we are staring at, we do not think of ourselves as unintelligent. Instead, we simply ask for guidance and assistance.

3.) Quality over quantity! At Good Fortune Jewelry (GFJ) we quickly learned that it does not matter how many tasks we completed each day. But rather, it was important to put our best effort into each and every one of our projects.

4.) We respect one another! In our environment, we find that respect is one of the key elements to ensure overall success. When all parties respect each other, we find that our overall happiness and work ethic is greatly enhanced.

Our insight on internships, is that whether the stereotypes are true or not, it is the experience that should conquer all. For “at work”, as in life, there is always something new to be learned.

Being in the environment of a fast paced business like Good Fortune Jewelry is quite an experience. And whether an internship proves to be terrible or terrific, it invariably gives college students a greater appreciation and understanding of our future life in the world.

And I mean, who doesn’t just love a good cup-o-joe anyways!


“Give-and-Take definition from:

Team Member Spotlight-Alina Pierce

Meet Good Fortune Jewelry’s Team Member, Alina Pierce!

GFJ Team Member Alina Pierce has six years of experience in the jewelry business since moving to the United States from Russia.  She received her GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional Diploma in 2013.  Alina has since completed her GIA Graduate Diamonds Diploma in 2014, GIA Gem Identification Lab in 2016, and GIA Colored Stone Lab in 2016. She is currently enrolled and scheduled to graduate this fall with her Graduate Gemology Diploma.

Employee Spotlight-Alina PiercePassion for her Profession

We were fortunate to have Alina join the Good Fortune team in 2013.  She first fell in love with the jewelry profession while working full time for Ross-Simons jewelry store in Chestnut Hill, MA.  She has a solid foundation in the fine jewelry industry and a passion for gemology as represented by her impressive educational pursuits. On a daily basis, Alina performs appraisal work on pre-owned jewelry, including diamonds, colored gemstones, gold, platinum, and sterling silver as well as antique and vintage pieces.  Alina also assists with the store’s take-in process and repair department by establishing the value of jewelry.  She enjoys working with the full range of special orders, valuations and custom work that cross her path daily.

Alina truly loves to engage Good Fortune’s shoppers in conversation to better understand their needs and sees the great value in developing long term relationships with her customers.  “My goal is not just to make the sale but to educate our customers”, says Alina, “and to help them discover the jewelry they will love and appreciate for years…and maybe one day pass down to their children and grandchildren.”  Alina’s deep commitment to the quality of her work and to meeting the needs of all customers ensures repeat business.  She considers herself to be a self-starter and is excited to take on a variety of roles within the store.  Alina feels enthusiastic about working in Good Fortune’s team environment, where great ideas can be exchanged every day.  And we are pleased and delighted to have her as a strong member of the GFJ Team!


Filming at Lindy’s Diner

It All Began…

When I was 8 years old, I used my parent’s super 8mm camera to create my first film.  It showed my brother and sister sliding down a pile of snow in front of our house. The next movie involved stopping and starting the camera as my brother sat on the ground in one place and then moved to another location.  We were delighted with the finished product and enjoyed watching my brother “drive” himself around the yard while sitting on his butt.  As a result of our first film-making project, none of us were inspired to go into the movie business.  But it could have happened right there and then.

Behind the Scenes

Fast forward fifty years and I am running a business in beautiful downtown Keene, New Hampshire.  It is a lovely spring day as a gentleman drives his car down Main Street and pulls into the parking space directly in front of our store.   Not an unusual occurrence, but on this day he just kept going and didn’t stop.   Over the curb and across the sidewalk he went.  A lucky pedestrian narrowly missed being hit and a moment later the vehicle came to an abrupt halt as it smacked into the front of our building.  Some bricks went flying and the large glass window cracked from top to bottom.

The driver climbed out of his car and surveyed the damage.   A couple of our staff members went outside to greet him and made sure that no one had been hurt.  In a few minutes, the police arrived and confirmed that the driver was not intoxicated.  He apologized profusely and gave us his insurance information.   Then the man drove his car off of the sidewalk and headed home.  In the meantime, the customers inside our store kept shopping as if nothing had happened.   At Good Fortune Jewelry, it was business as usual and this made us wonder.  Perhaps, it was time to make our first film…


We decided to create a re-enactment of this “car crash” event.  Since the window had already been broken, we might just as well break the rest of it.  The brickwork also needed to be repaired, so why not have some fun before we arranged to have everything rebuilt?  We decided to play by the rules and first obtained permission from the city to drive our car on the sidewalk.   Next, we recruited some young filmmakers from the college and also purchased a small drone from The Pawn Shop.  We would use this flying camera to film the opening scene of the movie.

When everything was in place, our cast of customers and staff members assembled at the store.   The Works Café provided catering and Lindy’s Diner invited us to shoot a segment of the film in their restaurant.   We even borrowed some NYPD police uniforms for added realism.  When we were ready to go, I shouted “action” and the cameras rolled.

Our team had a blast making the film and we are now planning the sequel.  Please send us an email and let us know if you’d like to be in the next production.  Good Fortune Jewelry is the largest pre-owned jewelry consignment store in the universe…. and when the Alien Spacecraft really does arrive, we’ll need plenty of extras!

smiley-face-icon The Film Crew at GOOD FORTUNE JEWELRY

contact:  (to be in our next film!)



Selling Pre-Owned Jewelry


Recycle, or Renew?

Selling jewelry that you no longer need or wear is a wonderful way to earn some money. In addition, this is a great way to recycle and re-purpose jewelry that someone else may enjoy.

Once you have made the decision to sell some of your jewelry, the first step is to determine its market value. It is important to establish the proper selling price of your jewelry before presenting it to a prospective buyer and to also make sure that you will receive the highest possible price for your items.

What’s it Worth?

Most people who shop for pre-owned jewelry are knowledgeable about the market value of the jewelry items they purchase. Although they may not be familiar with the specific attributes of all jewelry, they are aware that pre-owned jewelry often sells for between 50 and 75 percent of the original price.

Obtaining a Market Value Jewelry Appraisal is the best way to establish an accurate selling price for your jewelry. A traditional jewelry appraisal will only indicate the original retail price and insurance replacement cost. A Market Value Jewelry Appraisal provides you with a current pricing analysis that will help you earn the most when you sell.

Plan to take or send your jewelry to a GIA Certified Gemologist or to a jeweler who is experienced in selling pre-owned jewelry. The Market Value Jewelry Appraisal may be performed by a business for a fee, or may also be offered as a complimentary service to customers.

The next step is to have your jewelry items professionally cleaned and restored to “like new condition”. This is essential and will insure that your jewelry sells for the highest price. A typical restoration will include high speed buffing and sonic cleaning. On occasion, it may also be necessary to repair and re-build the worn or damaged parts of a jewelry item.

Ring Buffing and Sonic Cleaning

The GFJ Way!

At Good Fortune Jewelry, each pre-owned jewelry item is carefully restored to its original condition. Pre-owned fine jewelry shoppers understand that the condition of a jewelry item greatly enhances the value of the item. In addition, they will only consider paying top dollar for jewelry items that have been authenticated and properly valued.

At Good Fortune Jewelry, we provide our customers with free Market Value Jewelry Appraisals. We are pleased to help educate people about the many aspects of selling fine jewelry and believe that obtaining knowledge about the value of pre-owned jewelry is essential in helping people decide which items are the best to sell.

The Pre-Owned Jewelry Team at Good Fortune Jewelry invites people to bring in or mail their jewelry to us for a complimentary Market Value Jewelry Appraisal. The world of pre-owned jewelry is growing larger every day and our goal is to create fair pricing for both buyers and sellers. This insures that Good Fortune Jewelry customers will be happy and that they will return again and again, with a smile on their face!


Please contact us if you would like to obtain a free Market Value Jewelry Appraisal and learn more about selling your fine jewelry!  We look forward to being of service as you discover the wonderful world of Pre-Owned Jewelry…at Good Fortune Jewelry!!!




Living Life in Downtown Keene


Community Living

Living life in Downtown Keene New Hampshire is a real treat.   I work at a downtown business and have recently decided that I spend more of my waking hours in the downtown than I do at home.   As a consequence, I now accept the notion that downtown Keene is where I live.

Meeting people, connecting with old acquaintances and bumping into friendly strangers makes this an enjoyable landscape to inhabit and work in. And if you consider all of the enjoyable aspects of being in Downtown Keene, it is easy to see why working here often feels like playing here.



Many days when I wander into the downtown, I experience the same exuberance that I felt as a young child when I would visit my neighborhood playground. To be sure, the busy streets and sidewalks of Keene’s downtown are a far cry from my original childhood playground. But there are some similarities.

In my old playground, hope and expectation were always present. When I was en-route to the playground, I sometimes imagined that this might be the day I met a new friend to play with. On some occasions, I might feel bold and try a new maneuver on the monkey bars. And if I was really feeling brave, I might even think about talking to the new girl.

Attempting a new endeavor or meeting a new person is still part of the grand adventure of Life. If we take a look at the wonderful array of activities that happen in Downtown Keene, the environment begins to resemble a playground. The Keene Music Festival and The Snow & Ice Festival have both been at the heart of our downtown for many years. The Pumpkin Festival had a superb career before retiring to make way for the birth of some new creations. And what comes next is anyone’s guess!

Whenever a group of individuals rubs some sticks together, sparks ignite and a new event can spring to life.   So this weekend, be sure to come downtown and have a real fling. On Friday and Saturday, March 4th and 5th you can enjoy SPRING FLING WEEKEND in Downtown Keene! Bring along your creativity and join your friends.

Spring is right around the corner… in Keene’s beautiful downtown playground!
















Rob and Laurie – A Proposal Story


Our friends, Rob and Laurie at Phil-Mack Media have contributed significantly to the success of Good Fortune Jewelry. They work diligently with our website development team and help keep our social media department on track.  In addition to being indispensable team members, they are fun people, wonderful parents and active members of our local community.  We are proud and delighted to have them on-board!

One day at a business meeting, Laurie told us about their “proposal story”.  She began by describing how Rob had first purchased a diamond engagement ring on-line.  He had intended to surprise her, but was devastated when the ring arrived in the mail.

The ring Rob received did not look at all like one he had seen on-line.  The diamond itself was very different in appearance and was heavily included with dark spots.  It was clearly not the same clarity grade as the diamond pictured on the seller’s website.  Rob communicated his concerns and eventually the seller agreed to take back the ring and refund Rob’s money to him.

Rob was disappointed, but chose to give it another try.  He is not a quitter and decided he would be more diligent in finding a reputable and established on-line jeweler.   This time, he was successful and the purchase went smoothly.  The ring arrived in the mail and Rob smiled when he opened the package. The ring was perfect!   Now he was ready for the next part of his plan.

The Proposal

It was the day after Christmas in New York City and Rob had decided that he and Laurie should go to Rockefeller Center.

“Rob puts a lot of thought into everything,” said Laurie, “and it was just magical.”

When they arrived, he asked her, “Do you want to go skating?”

“Sure, we’ve got to do it,” she replied.

As Laurie recalls, “It was freezing ass cold.”

The couple waited about an hour before they got their skates.

“Our toes were frozen,” she continued.

“We got on our skates and then we went around like one time, and then we went around the second time…and right in front of the statue… he let go of my hand and tripped!”

I turned around and said to him, “What are you doing down there?  Did you fall?”


And then Rob, who had pretended to fall on the ice, looked up at Laurie as he took out the ring and proposed!   Laurie let out a big scream and the rest is history!


Laurie had only learned about Rob’s initial on-line shopping experience long after their wedding day.  When he told her the story of how he had first bought the wrong ring, her heart went out to him.  Thankfully, Rob is the kind of guy who gets back up after a fall, and Laurie is the kind of woman who adores her ring and loves her man.

At Good Fortune Jewelry, we are delighted that Laurie works with us to make sure no one goes through the same challenge that her husband first encountered when shopping on-line for a Diamond Engagement ring. Laurie is committed to helping people learn about the many benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Jewelry. Exceptional value and tremendous variety are just two key points.  And as Laurie continually reminds us, jewelry is first and foremost about beauty, love and fun!


Please email Good Fortune Jewelry your proposal story and photos.

We would love to share them and we’ll send you a gift!   Thanks!