Living Life in Downtown Keene


Community Living

Living life in Downtown Keene New Hampshire is a real treat.   I work at a downtown business and have recently decided that I spend more of my waking hours in the downtown than I do at home.   As a consequence, I now accept the notion that downtown Keene is where I live.

Meeting people, connecting with old acquaintances and bumping into friendly strangers makes this an enjoyable landscape to inhabit and work in. And if you consider all of the enjoyable aspects of being in Downtown Keene, it is easy to see why working here often feels like playing here.



Many days when I wander into the downtown, I experience the same exuberance that I felt as a young child when I would visit my neighborhood playground. To be sure, the busy streets and sidewalks of Keene’s downtown are a far cry from my original childhood playground. But there are some similarities.

In my old playground, hope and expectation were always present. When I was en-route to the playground, I sometimes imagined that this might be the day I met a new friend to play with. On some occasions, I might feel bold and try a new maneuver on the monkey bars. And if I was really feeling brave, I might even think about talking to the new girl.

Attempting a new endeavor or meeting a new person is still part of the grand adventure of Life. If we take a look at the wonderful array of activities that happen in Downtown Keene, the environment begins to resemble a playground. The Keene Music Festival and The Snow & Ice Festival have both been at the heart of our downtown for many years. The Pumpkin Festival had a superb career before retiring to make way for the birth of some new creations. And what comes next is anyone’s guess!

Whenever a group of individuals rubs some sticks together, sparks ignite and a new event can spring to life.   So this weekend, be sure to come downtown and have a real fling. On Friday and Saturday, March 4th and 5th you can enjoy SPRING FLING WEEKEND in Downtown Keene! Bring along your creativity and join your friends.

Spring is right around the corner… in Keene’s beautiful downtown playground!