Selling Pre-Owned Jewelry


Recycle, or Renew?

Selling jewelry that you no longer need or wear is a wonderful way to earn some money. In addition, this is a great way to recycle and re-purpose jewelry that someone else may enjoy.

Once you have made the decision to sell some of your jewelry, the first step is to determine its market value. It is important to establish the proper selling price of your jewelry before presenting it to a prospective buyer and to also make sure that you will receive the highest possible price for your items.

What’s it Worth?

Most people who shop for pre-owned jewelry are knowledgeable about the market value of the jewelry items they purchase. Although they may not be familiar with the specific attributes of all jewelry, they are aware that pre-owned jewelry often sells for between 50 and 75 percent of the original price.

Obtaining a Market Value Jewelry Appraisal is the best way to establish an accurate selling price for your jewelry. A traditional jewelry appraisal will only indicate the original retail price and insurance replacement cost. A Market Value Jewelry Appraisal provides you with a current pricing analysis that will help you earn the most when you sell.

Plan to take or send your jewelry to a GIA Certified Gemologist or to a jeweler who is experienced in selling pre-owned jewelry. The Market Value Jewelry Appraisal may be performed by a business for a fee, or may also be offered as a complimentary service to customers.

The next step is to have your jewelry items professionally cleaned and restored to “like new condition”. This is essential and will insure that your jewelry sells for the highest price. A typical restoration will include high speed buffing and sonic cleaning. On occasion, it may also be necessary to repair and re-build the worn or damaged parts of a jewelry item.

Ring Buffing and Sonic Cleaning

The GFJ Way!

At Good Fortune Jewelry, each pre-owned jewelry item is carefully restored to its original condition. Pre-owned fine jewelry shoppers understand that the condition of a jewelry item greatly enhances the value of the item. In addition, they will only consider paying top dollar for jewelry items that have been authenticated and properly valued.

At Good Fortune Jewelry, we provide our customers with free Market Value Jewelry Appraisals. We are pleased to help educate people about the many aspects of selling fine jewelry and believe that obtaining knowledge about the value of pre-owned jewelry is essential in helping people decide which items are the best to sell.

The Pre-Owned Jewelry Team at Good Fortune Jewelry invites people to bring in or mail their jewelry to us for a complimentary Market Value Jewelry Appraisal. The world of pre-owned jewelry is growing larger every day and our goal is to create fair pricing for both buyers and sellers. This insures that Good Fortune Jewelry customers will be happy and that they will return again and again, with a smile on their face!


Please contact us if you would like to obtain a free Market Value Jewelry Appraisal and learn more about selling your fine jewelry!  We look forward to being of service as you discover the wonderful world of Pre-Owned Jewelry…at Good Fortune Jewelry!!!