Where Can I Buy Pre-Owned Jewelry?


It’s about Value and Savings!

The public is searching for smart ways to save money, and buying pre-owned jewelry is quickly becoming the rage among savvy shoppers. You can expect to pay ½ of the original retail price when purchasing pre-owned jewelry, and savings of up to 75% are quite common. People who shop for pre-owned jewelry have also discovered that “second hand” jewelry now includes contemporary styles and designs, as well as traditional estate and vintage items.

Creating a Movement

Established pre-owned jewelry specialty stores, such as Good Fortune Jewelry, are at the forefront of this movement and are being joined by a host of other businesses. With rising gold prices, many retail jewelers have begun buying and selling previously owned jewelry within their stores. Pawn Shops have historically been unrivaled for their pre-owned jewelry bargains and now attract an upscale clientele. The newest addition to the list of stores that sell pre-owned jewelry includes Zales and Kay Jewelers. Both of these large companies have recently joined the ranks and now sell previously owned jewelry on the web and in their stores.

A Growing Marketplace!

There are an increasing number of locations where people can purchase pre-owned jewelry across the country. From main street shops and mega shopping malls, to online “stores” and auction services, the world of pre-owned jewelry is expanding. The opportunity for saving money by buying pre-owned jewelry has never been greater and the popularity of this exciting new trend is likely to continue well into the future. Good Fortune Jewelry is poised to become a shining star on this new stage, and we are delighted to be part of the excitement.





Pre-Owned Jewelry vs. Estate Jewelry… What is the difference?


“Pre-Owned Jewelry”…the Newest Trend

When people think about second hand jewelry, they frequently use the words “Estate Jewelry” to describe what is considered to be older collectible Jewelry. It is common to also include “Vintage” and “Antique” Jewelry in this category.  Often, these terms are used to describe Jewelry that is more than fifty years old.

Pre-Owned Jewelry, on the other hand is a recent term used to describe second hand jewelry that is modern and up-to-date in style.  Stores that specialize in selling Pre-Owned Jewelry have carefully inspected and restored each jewelry item to its original “like-new” condition.  A Pre-Owned Jewelry item that is in excellent condition is virtually indistinguishable from its brand new counter part.

Big Names at Beautiful Prices

At leading Pre-Owned Jewelry stores throughout the country, customers have learned that they can save money, while not having to compromise style and quality.  Rather than buying brand new Jewelry and paying full retail prices, people are aware that they can shop more wisely by purchasing the same jewelry as a Pre-Owned item.  Diamond, gold, platinum and sterling jewelry available in the Pre-Owned marketplace includes contemporary designs by Tiffany, David Yurman, Charriol and other well known manufacturers.

Buying and Owning Pre-Owned Jewelry Makes Good Sense…

Everyone can appreciate the great value in re-purposing and re-using items.  We have always found it acceptable to purchase previously owned homes and automobiles.
Pawn Shops routinely sell pre-owned merchandise and have made their way into the public view on national television.  They are bargain havens for shoppers from all walks of life.  Second hand designer clothing stores are now found on the fashionable streets of Beverly Hills, and shopping for used furniture and musical instruments is becoming increasingly popular.

As Good as New, For Less

At last, Pre-Owned Jewelry has joined the growing list of previously owned products that people can purchase and enjoy.  Savvy shoppers of all ages can now pay wholesale prices and consistently save between 50% and 80% by buying Pre-Owned Jewelry that is currently in fashion and may be only several months “old”.   Although Antique, Estate and Vintage Jewelry items remain forever popular, it is the newer and trendier styles of Pre-Owned Jewelry that are now capturing the eyes and hearts of the smart shopper.





How to Choose an Engagement Ring

How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Taking the Next Step

Okay, you are ready to take the next step, and what a wonderful thing this is!   Becoming engaged is a thrilling and exciting experience for any couple.   You know that the time is right for both of you. And you know that you are meant to be with each other.  But, here is the #1 question, how do you choose an engagement ring?

Presenting your partner with an engagement ring is the loving and symbolic gesture that takes your relationship to the next level. It is the action that tells your beloved and the rest of the world where you are both going!

Call forth all of your love, courage and determination. And “own” all of the joy that you have inside. It is time to choose an engagement ring!

 Look, Listen, Learn…

Begin by visiting your local jeweler or search on-line. Read reviews and ask your friends and family for references. Look at the rings that appear in front of you. Do you like round diamonds, multiple diamonds, heart or princess cut shapes?   Do you prefer white or yellow gold, or platinum?

Spend time asking questions and learning about the importance of the 4 C’s of diamonds: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. Most jewelers are happy to educate and share information with you, even if you are just starting your search.

Take your time looking at diamond engagement rings. Compare price and quality. In most cases, the right ring will jump right out at you. On other occasions, it will surprise you when you least expect it.

Seek and you will find the perfect ring for both of you.   And you will know, that just like your relationship, this is the engagement ring that is meant to be with you!



Creating Your Own Diamond Ring


Choosing the Right Stone

Have you decided she is “the one” for you? Are going to ask her to be yours for eternity?
Did you know you can create an engagement ring that is just as brilliant and unique as she is?  Here at Good Fortune Jewelry, we can help you select a diamond from our extensive collection of pre-owned diamond rings. You will purchase this ring at the wholesale cost and we will then have the diamond removed from the ring.


When selecting a diamond, your first priority is usually to choose a shape. Every diamond shape has a different aesthetic. Round diamonds offer maximum sparkle, while princess diamonds feature an angular, contemporary beauty that looks gorgeous in classic and geometric settings. Cushion diamonds are an ideal choice for vintage-inspired settings, and radiant diamonds are a stunning alternative to princess and cushion diamonds for those preferring a rectangular shape.

Size and Quality

The final set of considerations involves two main factors: the size of your gem and its quality. When selecting your special diamond, determine what is most important to you within your given budget – size, quality, or a tradeoff between the two. Many people start with size, as this is the most visually apparent aspect of a diamond but you should aim to strike a balance between the size and the quality of your gemstone.

Design Your Own

Next, our staff will assist you in choosing a brand new ring design from our extensive selection. One advantage of designing your own engagement ring is the large variety of new and traditional ring styles.  Many people, however, do not begin with a specific style in mind. For these shoppers, the challenge is narrowing down the possibilities. With such a wide range of options, how do you choose? Consider what fits her lifestyle and personality best. In addition to your budget, her personal style and her daily activities are the main considerations that should guide your selection of a setting. If you feel unsure or overwhelmed, consider selecting a diamond but proposing with a temporary setting. This approach allows her to select her own perfect setting. Women take part in over 60% of engagement ring decisions, so rest assured you are not alone. Whether you choose to select the setting or let her choose her own we will be there to help guide you along the way. Once you have chosen the perfect setting we will have the diamond you selected re-set by our jeweler. Your new diamond ring will have been created by both of you together and will symbolize your love for one another. You will have designed a very special and unique diamond engagement ring for that very special and unique person!

Creating Your Own Diamond Ring

Buying Pre-Owned Jewelry

Buying preowned jewelry-blog






In the recent past, most people who bought pre-owned jewelry were collectors and individuals who appreciated estate, antique or vintage jewelry. They had the market to themselves and their purchases were usually made at small shops specializing in estate jewelry.

Today we are seeing the emergence of shoppers who are focused on buying pre-owned contemporary designer jewelry brands such as David Yurman and Roberto Coin. Other known brands, such as Tiffany and Cartier are increasingly popular and younger shoppers are searching for pre-owned jewelry by such companies as Pandora or Alex and Ani.

Pre-Owned Jewelry is the new “New”

With the growing shift towards recycling and re-purposing, consumers have become aware of the many benefits of buying pre-owned jewelry.   New shoppers are less interested in the older estate jewelry items and are actively acquiring jewelry that reflects current market styles.   Pre-owned Jewelry stores are sprouting up around the country as more people also become aware of the huge financial savings that buying second hand jewelry affords.

Getting More for Your Money

Buying pre-owned jewelry offers the consumer genuine bargain pricing. Pre-owned jewelry typically sells for as little as 50% of the cost of the comparable new item. A smart pre-owned shopper often pays the same amount for an item that the retail jeweler originally paid when he first purchased the “new” jewelry item as inventory for his store.

Savings like these are tremendous.   Imagine shopping for a brand new 1 Carat Diamond ring and paying $5000, and only later learning that you could have purchased the same ring for $2500 at a pre-owned jewelry store? Before you decide to buy that new Tiffany Sterling Silver bracelet for $125, check and see if it is for sale at your local pre-owned jewelry store for half of that price.  You’ll be glad that you did!