Creating Your Own Diamond Ring


Choosing the Right Stone

Have you decided she is “the one” for you? Are going to ask her to be yours for eternity?
Did you know you can create an engagement ring that is just as brilliant and unique as she is?  Here at Good Fortune Jewelry, we can help you select a diamond from our extensive collection of pre-owned diamond rings. You will purchase this ring at the wholesale cost and we will then have the diamond removed from the ring.


When selecting a diamond, your first priority is usually to choose a shape. Every diamond shape has a different aesthetic. Round diamonds offer maximum sparkle, while princess diamonds feature an angular, contemporary beauty that looks gorgeous in classic and geometric settings. Cushion diamonds are an ideal choice for vintage-inspired settings, and radiant diamonds are a stunning alternative to princess and cushion diamonds for those preferring a rectangular shape.

Size and Quality

The final set of considerations involves two main factors: the size of your gem and its quality. When selecting your special diamond, determine what is most important to you within your given budget – size, quality, or a tradeoff between the two. Many people start with size, as this is the most visually apparent aspect of a diamond but you should aim to strike a balance between the size and the quality of your gemstone.

Design Your Own

Next, our staff will assist you in choosing a brand new ring design from our extensive selection. One advantage of designing your own engagement ring is the large variety of new and traditional ring styles.  Many people, however, do not begin with a specific style in mind. For these shoppers, the challenge is narrowing down the possibilities. With such a wide range of options, how do you choose? Consider what fits her lifestyle and personality best. In addition to your budget, her personal style and her daily activities are the main considerations that should guide your selection of a setting. If you feel unsure or overwhelmed, consider selecting a diamond but proposing with a temporary setting. This approach allows her to select her own perfect setting. Women take part in over 60% of engagement ring decisions, so rest assured you are not alone. Whether you choose to select the setting or let her choose her own we will be there to help guide you along the way. Once you have chosen the perfect setting we will have the diamond you selected re-set by our jeweler. Your new diamond ring will have been created by both of you together and will symbolize your love for one another. You will have designed a very special and unique diamond engagement ring for that very special and unique person!

Creating Your Own Diamond Ring