Rob and Laurie – A Proposal Story


Our friends, Rob and Laurie at Phil-Mack Media have contributed significantly to the success of Good Fortune Jewelry. They work diligently with our website development team and help keep our social media department on track.  In addition to being indispensable team members, they are fun people, wonderful parents and active members of our local community.  We are proud and delighted to have them on-board!

One day at a business meeting, Laurie told us about their “proposal story”.  She began by describing how Rob had first purchased a diamond engagement ring on-line.  He had intended to surprise her, but was devastated when the ring arrived in the mail.

The ring Rob received did not look at all like one he had seen on-line.  The diamond itself was very different in appearance and was heavily included with dark spots.  It was clearly not the same clarity grade as the diamond pictured on the seller’s website.  Rob communicated his concerns and eventually the seller agreed to take back the ring and refund Rob’s money to him.

Rob was disappointed, but chose to give it another try.  He is not a quitter and decided he would be more diligent in finding a reputable and established on-line jeweler.   This time, he was successful and the purchase went smoothly.  The ring arrived in the mail and Rob smiled when he opened the package. The ring was perfect!   Now he was ready for the next part of his plan.

The Proposal

It was the day after Christmas in New York City and Rob had decided that he and Laurie should go to Rockefeller Center.

“Rob puts a lot of thought into everything,” said Laurie, “and it was just magical.”

When they arrived, he asked her, “Do you want to go skating?”

“Sure, we’ve got to do it,” she replied.

As Laurie recalls, “It was freezing ass cold.”

The couple waited about an hour before they got their skates.

“Our toes were frozen,” she continued.

“We got on our skates and then we went around like one time, and then we went around the second time…and right in front of the statue… he let go of my hand and tripped!”

I turned around and said to him, “What are you doing down there?  Did you fall?”


And then Rob, who had pretended to fall on the ice, looked up at Laurie as he took out the ring and proposed!   Laurie let out a big scream and the rest is history!


Laurie had only learned about Rob’s initial on-line shopping experience long after their wedding day.  When he told her the story of how he had first bought the wrong ring, her heart went out to him.  Thankfully, Rob is the kind of guy who gets back up after a fall, and Laurie is the kind of woman who adores her ring and loves her man.

At Good Fortune Jewelry, we are delighted that Laurie works with us to make sure no one goes through the same challenge that her husband first encountered when shopping on-line for a Diamond Engagement ring. Laurie is committed to helping people learn about the many benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Jewelry. Exceptional value and tremendous variety are just two key points.  And as Laurie continually reminds us, jewelry is first and foremost about beauty, love and fun!


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