Pre-owned 14K Native American Ray Tracey Ring


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Pre-owned 14K Native American Ray Tracey Ring

Material: 14k
Designer: Ray Tracey Design – Native Samurai Collection
Weight: 12.9 grams
Stones: Opal, Lapis, Rhodochrosite
Size: 9.5
Note: restored – professionally polished and shank is now round

Good Fortune Pre-Owned Price: $1695.00 (Sold New: $3500.00)
Ray Tracey is nationally known and respected as one of the most outstanding Native American jewelers. Born and raised on the Navajo reservation in Arizona, Ray began making jewelry at the age of nine; he now has been working professionally as a jeweler since 1977. He has received multiple awards through out the years.

Ray is an extremely versatile artist. He not only designs traditional Navajo Old Style jewelry, but remains on the cutting edge of contemporary design, including the incorporation of faceted gemstones. His inlay work is unmistakable with vibrant stones such as Lapis, Corals, and Turquoise into sterling silver and 14K. He also creates one of a kind collection pieces made with materials such as opals, diamond and 14K gold are unmistakable.

New designs by Ray Tracey have not been seen for several years and we are pleased and proud to be presenting Ray’s new design concept “Native Samurai”. This new line is a result of Ray’s long time admiration of Japanese design and culture.

Ray’s new “Native Samurai” line reflects a culmination of inspiration by the richness of his ancestral history, merging cultures and his fashion-forward contemporary insightfulness.