Art Deco 14K Enameled 32nd Degree Masonic Ring


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Art Deco 14K Enameled 32nd Degree Masonic Ring

Gorgeous, Antique, Art Deco 14K Yellow Gold Enameled, 32nd Degree Masonic Ring – Size 8. While this beautiful band is dated 1957, this style has an even longer history. The Constitutions of the 32nd Degree Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction authorize a Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret to wear a ring with the double-headed Scottish Rite eagle. Beyond the inclusion of the double-headed eagle, there is no officially mandated design, so 32nd degree Scottish Rite rings can vary greatly in appearance. Common symbols include the number 32, triangles, the Hebrew letter yod, and the square and compasses.

Since the owner is ordering a customized ring to represent his personal Masonic journey, the ring will sometimes also contain symbols from other Masonic orders. For this reason, a 32nd degree Scottish Rite ring may feature symbols like the Shriner’s crescent and scimitar, the York Rite triple Tau, or the Knights Templar cross.

The inside is engraved “Bernard R. Watkins 4-2-57”.

Size: 8

Weight: 6.1grams