Antique Hair Combs with Diamonds & 18 Karat Yellow Gold (3 piece set)


Gorgeous Antique Adornment for Hair, 3-Piece set, Tortoise Bakelite with 18k vine designs / 2 combs and 1 diamond hair clip

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Antique Hair Combs with Diamonds & 18 Karat Yellow Gold  (3 piece set)

This stunning set of Art Nouveau Diamond Hair Combs is a very rare find.   The Tortoise Bakelite incorporates three mine cut diamonds, with detailed 18 Karat Gold design work.   These are gorgeous and will become a classic part of your wardrobe and collection.   For casual or formal wear, they can be worn individually on a variety of occasions.   A wonderful gift to share with wives, sisters, friends and lovers.

These rare and unusual hair ornaments are from an estate on Nob Hill in San Francisco.  Passed down through the generations, cherished and protected with Love and Care.    The stunning craftsmanship in joining 18 Karat Yellow Gold and Diamonds is a lost art in today’s world of computer generated designs.

Circa: 1900 +/-



Shape: Round Brilliants, Old Mine Cut
Color: I
Clarity: SI
Carat: .90 Carat Total Weight

Three (3) Diamonds:

.40ct – 4.5 mm /. 30ct – 4 mm/. 20ct – 3.5 mm

Mounting: Tortoise Bakelite with 18 Karat Yellow Gold vine designs.

Three (3) piece set includes two combs and one hair clip with diamonds.

(Please note: One comb has a missing tooth/section)



The diamond is light, life and sun.  It is an emblem of purity and perfection, of invincible spiritual power, and it is the stone of commitment and faithfulness.

The color of gold is associated with illumination, love and wisdom.  Gold is a precious metal that depicts wealth, grandeur, and prosperity.

Fruit-bearing vines are connected to abundance.  Grapevines are also the symbols of bountiful and beautiful harvests.  Grapes and their vines are sacred to Bacchus, the Roman god of wine.